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January 16th, 2009

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08:54 pm - Secret Knitting!

I just joined this group on Ravelry (you have to be a Ravelry user to see this link. So go sign up! When I joined, the wait was about 4 months. Now it's two days. Srsly, you have no excuse), a test knitting group. I love it! I get to see all these new patterns come through, and I get the fun of helping to produce a pattern without all the hassel of designing it. Now I am working on something very neat, and it is destined to be a free pattern! I'll post photos when I can (which is after the pattern gets published). They are very fun, and I love knitting on them.

Okay, enough gushing about something that I can't really talk about.

Today was my first visit with a doctor, and I am at eight weeks. I saw Dr, Chan, and as I was sitting in the exam room, all akward in my gown, I was passing the time with a quick little sock (self-striping Lion Brand yarn that is now discontinued, but I saw that Generations in Fortuna still has some), she came in and ohhed and ahhed over the sock. Which is normal for people when they see someone knitting somewhere, especially knitting a sock. Socks look so much more badass, with all those needles all over the place. The not so normal happenstance is that we had a lively little conversation about how fun it is to use self-striping yarn for plain old socks, and how much enjoyment we get out of seeing the next color in the sequence! My doctor is a knitter! (Or at least one of my doctors is. Here's hoping that at least two of the other eight are--my money's on the midwives, how's that for stereotyping?)

I am healthy, and my uterus is the correct size and shape. Oh yeah, and my pelvis is the optimal shape for babies.
I have another appointment in about 3 weeks, and Nick and I will be able to hear the heartbeat. Oh, that is such a strange idea, to hear the heart of a person that I am making.

When I was about 17 through, oh, 20, I referred to myself a girl, as opposed to a woman. Even now, the word sounds so strange when I say it about myself. And now I have a small human growing inside me. Hm. Yep.
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Date:January 18th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC)
you would recognize almost all of the baby nurses from St. Joe's, they all are knitty and crafty ladies!

One of the NICU nurses makes and embroiders tiny quilts for the lil' preemies. Eris's is around here someplace. . .

So many of the nurses an midwives simply HAVE to find a creative outlet. . .

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